Working like a dog

It's been like this for...I don't know.
But enough is enough...I have been trapped like many others in this mad circle of running, concluding, optimizing, creating.
Resizing is the key, I have a plan, and it's so close...

It's the moment when I look at what I care most, and realize that I have no time left for it, I have that meeting, i have post production, a photography festival, finish this, send that, dozens of email waiting.

This happens when you build an expensive life.

For the moment, I have killed my blogs (no more SEO needs), killed my digital workflow (only shooting film for clients that believe in a dedicated kind of photography), deleted many platforms account that may lead to jobs that were more slavery than anything else.

Many things were planned, but one after another, they are ending. I can't wait.

Fuck marketing, meet dedicated real connections.