What's up

So many people just keeps me asking what I am doing recently.
It may seem surprising, but staying out from (anti)Social Networks does not means that you're dead.
Probably is the opposite, as less time is wasted cruising against those algorithms.

I am following a lot of resources, studying, learning. But I am back to RSS rather than social feeds. If you don't know what a RSS is, you can check it here or watch a video.
You just end up having a private network that you choose and browse how you wish, far away from sponsored stuffs or boring algorithms that can decide what you'll see.
I use The Old Reader, but you can get many others.
All sites in one, is so simple.

Simple is being the key. Newsletters are the key. Direct contacts, phone calls, emails. Better than browse or tag like a maniac all day trying to get some sort of attention...that's how it's working for me and I'm liking it. I get way more focused in this way than at social era.

Well, I still have my broken poems Instagram account, but that's totally different, you can see how is used :) I just check it by laptop, no apps.

I am constantly working on taking out, away. I have sold most of my cameras, keeping only what I use. The joy of opening the closet and not having to choose a camera is wonderful, it is like in the early days.

Deleted my old Wordpress SEO monster, and that was a HUGE move, that gave me back a lot in terms of time and less worries...and? People finds me anyway just like before!

Resolved my debts leaved me free to work less. I am still ending some work that was previously planned, but I am so close to just working on projects that really interest me, with clients that love getting a deep darkroom print work rather than thousands of color files just hours after the shooting. After a hard start I ended up working with people that feel really closer to my concept of photography, and is real pleasure with minimal pressure.

Niche, focusing.
This requires different compromises in how you live, how you can resize your "needs". Call it Minimalism or how you prefer, it just feels better.
Know what? I love it, I am still working and sometime hard...but only on the projects that I believe in.

It's not about how much you earn, is about what you do of the time you have, as I have said before, it's a totally different question.

It's getting too long, but hey I'm ok, I'm just cutting it out cause the photography market was making me bored. So I tried to create my niche, and it's working. It's about evolve and adapting.

I have a newsletter here to stay in touch with zines, events and any other things.

Take care, G