Cameras sales

Cameras sales are dropping fast, there's a lot of talk about it.
I don't give too much attention to brands, in reality but this thing took my attention, I work in a Photography school, too, and I question myself about photography future.
It is probably not a question of which brand does what, or how the af can or can't catch your closer eye.

cameras sales are dropping down for which reason?

It's a question of culture. Almost nothing from the brands and their communication is directed to culture and to how a camera is a tool documenting life.
Will we see someone having the strength to take away those buttons and function from cameras and offering something simple?

Will the brands encourage again some photography talk?

Many brochures talked about life and love for photography : now it's everything about technical specs.

People is buying phones, Commercial photography is in high-difficult too.

We miss inspiration, reasons, not technical specs in cameras all so similar every month. Glad film is making a comeback, let's hope someone will be back to inspiration and philosophy of shooting rather than just selling useless electronic tools.

We'll see.