Just take photographs

With the economic collapse of the job of many photographers caused bu Covid recently many of us are facing hard times. 
I wish the situation calms down for many reasons photographers being definitely not the most important...not even close.
But I ended up having time to go deep in my archive and enjoy the act of taking photographs like in the early days and creating something that is far from fame, contest and professional photography promotion of any kind...many photographs that nobody has ever seen and that are so important for me.

So I guess is just a question of deciding if fight to take a past back or move to a new concept.

And I'm writing in a day where I have sent dozens of email to agencies, planned a meeting for saturday for a shooting, waiting two important answers, made a new micro-website as a photographer in Milan and being waken up by a phone call.

Is a picture still better than words?

It's time for a change.

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